Preply Reveals Their One-to-One Approach to French Lessons

November 22 09:58 2021

The rising demand for French language skills in the global jobs and tourism market has led to students looking for newer and more convenient ways of learning to speak this language. Brookline, MA-based company Preply has responded to this situation by launching a one-to-one approach to French classes that are proving to be extremely popular.

Why Is the French Language in Demand?

The French language is widely used in different industries and regions, meaning that learning to write and speak this language is proving to be increasingly important for job-seekers and travelers. French is 18th on the list of languages with the most native speakers but moves up to fifth if we also count the number of people who have learned it as a second language.

It is particularly widely spoken in the European Union, but French speakers can be found dotted all across the planet, from Canada to Haiti, and from Chad to Vanuatu. This language has long been used as a lingua franca in areas such as fashion, diplomacy, dance, and cooking, after having spread across the planet thanks to the French explorers who set up colonies in many diverse regions.

In fact, the popularity of this tongue has grown in recent years, largely thanks to the growing population in the French-speaking parts of Africa who have helped to boost the number of speakers to more than 300 million. A large number of students keen to speak French is expected to swell this total even further in the coming years.

With the increasing globalization of our lives, it is easy to see why more people are keen to learn this language, for work purposes or for travel. In terms of employment, the global freelancer market and the ability to work remotely are some of the breakthroughs that have led to people considering a different career path, with flexibility and new experiences among the key factors.

The Solution Provided by Preply

The traditional methods of learning a new language aren’t always suitable for students now. This is why Preply has put emphasis on a convenient and flexible approach with their online classes. This method allows students to choose a personal tutor from more than 1,700 French teachers currently registered with them, and then receive personalized one-to-one lessons.   

The main benefits of doing this include being able to learn at their own pace with a teacher they are comfortable with, and the chance to focus on specific areas that are of more importance or interest to the student. They can also choose a tutor who specializes in a certain area or who speaks a dialect that is particularly relevant to them.

A Preply spokesperson pointed out that they have seen an “increasing trend for people wanting to learn French in a way that suits their lifestyles”, due to changes in the way that we work and travel. French is thought to be the second most studied language across the world and there is no sign of this thirst for French slowing down anytime soon.

About Preply

This company was founded in 2003 and has now grown to employ more than 300 people in their different locations in Spain, Ukraine, and the US. French is just one of the many languages that they offer, with English, Spanish, and Japanese among the other most common choices. In addition, they offer tutors on subjects such as math, computer science, and physics.

No matter what language or subject a student wants to learn, this subject offers a fast and effective approach where they can learn in a way that suits them and at a pace that they are comfortable with.

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