Nagler Foot Center Offers Quality-backed Foot Treatment

November 20 08:51 2021

Nagler Foot Center is a clinic that provides a broad range of services from routine foot care to podiatric surgical treatment. This clinic has an expert team of podiatrists who offer top-quality care to patients so that they can enjoy active lifestyles free of foot and ankle pain. Also, they provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where every client is respected and treated properly. They are experts in all aspects of foot issues. This clinic supports a wide variety of technology, all of which are designed to assist clients in becoming healthier and receiving the best possible foot treatment.

Answering a question, the company spokesperson said, “Flip flops are flat, flimsy shoes that don’t have close to the support necessary to keep feet in good condition. The feet will hurt solely on this lack of support, but it will mostly affect the plantar fascia, the muscle responsible for forming the foot’s arch. So, it is true that if one wears flip-flops for a long period of time, one can develop plantar fasciitis, which can cause their feet to lose this arch and flatten. Flat feet, in most cases, can lead to additional pain and can prevent one from fitting well into other pairs of shoes.”

Looking for an ankle surgery doctor in Houston? Nagler Foot Center is the best place to go. They have among the top podiatrists in Houston. Their podiatrists are experienced and have treated a myriad of foot problems ranging from mild to severe for many years. Thus, whether a patient requires treatment for a chronic or recent foot condition, including ankle surgery, the podiatrists at this clinic can assist them in regaining their foot health. In addition, the clinic is one of the most modern clinics in Houston. Thus, they are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology to ensure quick and effective foot problems treatment.

The company spokesperson added, “Additionally, one can also experience changes to their toes, known as a condition called hammertoe. In this, the joint that connects the toe contracts and bends to the toe abnormally, and the toe gradually shifts out of place over a period of time. Hammertoe can aggravate bunions or cause new bunions to form.”

Typically, Dr. Nagler conducts most foot surgeries at Nagler Foot Center. Also, he is responsible for supervising all surgical procedures performed at this clinic. Dr. Nagler is a renowned surgeon with 30 years of experience treating foot and ankle problems. So, for those looking for a foot doctor in Houston, this clinic is truly the best place to go. Additionally, the podiatrists at this clinic are always concerned with their client’s wellbeing, and thus, they strive to deliver the best solutions for their clients regardless of whether they are facing problems associated with the foot and ankle or are in need of foot surgery. They are committed to relieving pain, restoring function, and improving the appearance of their clients’ feet.

About Nagler Foot Center

Nagler Foot Center is a well-equipped treatment facility with innovative technology and a team of certified podiatrists to ensure desirable outcomes. They cure every foot disorder problem with precision and care. Those looking for a reliable podiatrist in Houston can visit this amazing clinic.

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