Leading Stress Solution Strategist helping to address the nursing crisis through nurse wellness mentorship program

November 20 07:30 2021
The Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program is designed to empower nurses to fight their stressors, regain control in life, and reconnect to their passion and profession with a positive outlook.

Hartford, CT – November 19, 2021 – The nursing crisis is fast becoming an alarming problem in the contemporary US healthcare scenario, abetted primarily by the trifecta of COVID-19 pandemic, nursing shortage, and stress or burnout. Of the 4 million nurses in the country, many have already left the bedside and another 500,000 nurses are anticipated to retire shortly, effectively increasing the impact and size of the crisis. However, there seems to be a ray of hope despite the grim situation around – Nurse Practitioner and leading Stress Solution Strategist, Wendy Garvin Mayo, has launched a wellness mentorship program to help nurses reduce stress, regain control of their life and get back to living a good quality of life.

The Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program, Mayo’s has already helped nurses to reduce stress levels by 57-100%, improve their occupational wellness, normalize their self-care practice, and assume better control of their thoughts and life. 

The Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program is currently accepting nurses for the January 2022 cohort.  

In an exclusive interview, Mayo shared a recent NurseGrid survey of 10,000 nurses that showed 92% of nurses have expressed worries about the ongoing nursing shortage and 4 in 10 nurses have plans to leave the field by the end of this year.  These pressing conditions may compound the nursing shortage.   

“Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system and the ongoing nursing shortage will launch a big blow to the care provided to you, me, our family/friends, and communities across the nation. Nurses need sustainable resources and support to thrive so they are empowered to take action to change the trajectory of the nursing crisis. There is an urgent need to make nurses feel empowered in the area of crucial decision-making regarding their workload and working conditions. They should also be supported with effective tools to effectively manage stress/burnout and improve quality of life and wellbeing. This is where our Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program comes to help”, stated Mayo. 

The Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program consists of: 

  • Customized mentorship 
  • 24/7 access to exclusive membership portal bustling with bite-sized training videos and audios
  • Health and wellness continuing education training 
  • Live and virtual accountability mentoring
  • Mindset training
  • Supportive community
  • Annual retreat with community members
  • Access to Nurse Wellness Podcast
  • And much more 

Ninety percent of Nurse Wellness Mentorship Program participants have reported an improvement in their occupational wellness after going through the mentorship. One nurse enjoyed a 70% decrease in her stress levels in 6 weeks while another was empowered to titrate off her antidepressants after participating in the program.  

The program has received rave reviews from a long line of content participants and has recently been featured in print and television media including Roland Martin Unfiltered and the Color of Wellness Magazine.

“Prior to participating in this program, I was unaware how much stress has impacted my life and my health. Wendy’s program has brought about self-awareness of my internal and external stressors and has taught me effective ways in dealing with my stress.” Meghan Brennan, RN

“… the nurse wellness mentorship program open your eyes to identify your stressors and give you tools to cope with or eliminate those stressors” – Andrea Bizzett-Joseph, MSNEd, RN, CNOR

For more information, please visit: nursewellnessmentorship.com 

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