LATGLEND Launches Its Pet Crates That Are Collapsible and Travel Friendly

October 27 20:27 2021
LATGLEND introduces their pet crates which are not only comfortable for pets but are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

All dog lovers can relate to not being able to leave their dogs at home whenever they travel. They consider their dogs their best friends and often want their pets to accompany them on trips. Nevertheless, carrying pets whenever one travels is not an easy feat. Sometimes people do not have a large enough crate, or at times the dog becomes uncomfortable by having their movement restricted or by sitting in a metal box all day long.

LATGLEND solves this problem by launching a portable, collapsible dog crate made up of soft fabric. Engineered using flexible nylon, the dog crate is lighter and easier to carry around. It is the most desirable choice when traveling, camping (water-resistant), and/or going on car trips with pet(s). The zippered pet crate is travel-friendly, having a generous size to accommodate large animals comfortably. This crate also has a broad zippered sun view celling and durable mesh construction. It has mesh sides on three of its sides, providing an opening for ventilation. Fresh air moving in and out keeps the crate at just the right temperature. It also minimizes moisture and odor. Having three mesh sides also ensures that people can keep an eye on their pets.

Each portable kennel is equipped with a mat and extra padding, making it more comfortable and cozy for the pet. The cloth cover is removable and easily washable. Making the crate out of fabric and not metal makes it lightweight and easier to carry around. Its water-resistant feature makes it ideal for outdoor use. Not only can the crate be used for traveling but also as a pop-up home for pets. It can also act as an indoor bed because of all the extra comfort it offers. Its compact design makes it easy to install with no need to assemble it or use tools. This pet crate is easy to clean using a damp cloth allowing it to be preserved for a long time and also keep your pet hygienic.

The crate can be found in many different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. It can accommodate all kinds of pets from small kittens to large dogs. Good-quality travel crates for large dogs are hard to come by but LATGLEND provides people with one with great features.

LATGLEND’s dog crates are readily and easily available on amazon. The product, which is made up of nylon, cotton, and iron, is both strong and comfortable. It is of Navy Blue color, which goes well with many color pallets so it does not look odd. The crate is of a reasonable price and is present in many different sizes. It can be effortlessly folded and can be stored anywhere. LATGLENDS collapsible dog crates should be one’s go-to choice whenever they want to travel with their pets.

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