Why millions are leaving social media platforms and flocking to niche communities

October 27 19:20 2021

Social media as we know it is changing, with newer platforms on the rise a passage for new types of content has been created.

TikTok captured the attention of Gen-Z’ers all over the world with their short-form content and music overlays. They even pushed Instagram to introduce “Instagram reels” and YouTube to release “youtube shorts.”

But the bigger shift in social media has gone by almost unnoticed. It’s been around the millions of people taking a break from traditional social media and flocking towards niche communities.

People are shifting from broad social platforms to niche networks where they can connect with specific, like-minded audiences. This reduces the noise and allows users to see the kind of content they want to interact with. Niche platforms also present a significant opportunity for brands to create a community and sell their products to people who are genuinely interested.

Currently, these communities are run on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and sometimes even on a custom white-labeled website, which makes the setup and the process of starting a niche community difficult. These platforms also lack the tools brands and creators need to survive.

That’s why Faiz Imran and Dylan Trafford started “Backchannel” the social community platform making it easier than ever to join, manage, and build niche communities all on one simple and easy to use platform.

Backchannel is focusing on creators that platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Discord have neglected for years, by allowing creators to self-monetize on their own terms, all within the Backchannel app.

But they didn’t stop there; they even added web 3 features such as allowing creators to require users to hold a certain NFT to access exclusive tiers. They are even working on ways to engage your superfans and community members at no cost via games and viral competitions

Backchannel currently is invite-only and a only select few are actually able to access the platform. With creators and users flocking to join Backchannel the waitlist is growing daily.

You can join the millions of people shifting to communities for a healthier social media experience by reserving your spot at getbackchannel.com

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