Basic Information and Features of BB Paint (Ultimate Version)

October 20 18:28 2021

Product Description

In the name of meticulous care for family members, 3TREES has endeavored to develop the BB paint series, which innovatively inject exceptional craftsmanship into the products to make walls user-friendly and extend BABYCARE beyond babies to reach each family member, staying true to the original aspirations of the company. The 3TREES BB Paint (Ultimate Version) makes innovative use of “food contact class” technology and has passed FDA 21 CFR 175.300 test. This paint is designed to make your home walls something you can kiss without any worry of adverse effect.

The 3TREES BB Paint (Ultimate Version) is safe to kiss!

Product Features:

Multiple Health Controls and Better Home Protection

3TREES Health+ Water-Based Coating Standard

Has passed China’s national standard Interior Wall Coating for Children’s Room Decorating

Complies with the EU toy safety standard EN71-3

UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification

French Indoor Air Emissions A+ Certification

China Environmental Labelling product certification

Outstanding Functions and Better Quality Performance

Has passed FDA’s standard food contact class test

Aldehyde-to-water technology, which can efficiently purify free formaldehyde in indoor air and causes no secondary pollution

Strong antibacterial and antiviral effects, bringing health right within your reach

Has passed the standard industry anti-pollution test, and make it difficult for stains to stay on the wall surface


Application instructions: The surface must be clean, dry, neutral, flat, and free of floating ash, oil stains and foreign matters. Water-leaking positions must undergo waterproof treatment. Before coating, the surface should be polished and leveled to ensure that the surface humidity of the pre-coated substrate is <10% and the pH value is

Application conditions: Wall temperature ≥ 5 ℃, humidity ≤ 85%, and good ventilation.

Application methods: Brush coating, roller coating and spraying.

Dilution ratio: Dilute with a proper amount of clear water (to the extent of being suitable for pasting)

Theoretical paint consumption: (12-14)m2/L/round (paint film depth is taken as 30μm, and actual consumption varies slightly with substrate roughness and porosity).

Recoating time: 30-60 minutes after surface drying, 2 hours after hard drying, and recoating interval is 2-3 hours (which may be duly extended under low-temperature and high-humidity conditions).

Maintenance time: 7 days/25℃, which may be duly extended under low-temperature and high-humidity conditions to obtain a solid film effect. In the process of paint film maintenance and daily use, it is suggested that doors and windows should be closed for dehumidification in high humidity weather (such as Wet Spring and Plum Rain).

Substrate Treatment:

1. New wall: Thoroughly remove surface dust, oil stains, loose plaster, etc., and repair any holes to ensure that the wall surface is clean, dry and even.

2. Re-painting wall: Thoroughly remove the original paint film and putty layer, clean surface dust, and level, polish, clean and thoroughly dry the surface, so as to avoid problems left over from the old wall (odor, mildew, etc.) affecting the application effect.

*Before coating, the substrate should be checked; coating can only start after the substrate has passed acceptance inspection.

Coating System:

For best effect, please adopt the 3TREES one-stop wall beautification scheme.

Substrate treatment (3TREES substrate treatment product series) – primer (3TREES Angel Primer) – apply 1 round – Topcoat (3TREES BB Paint) – apply 2 rounds

Tool Cleaning: 

After or between applications, please clean the tools with clean water in time in order to prolong tool life.

The packaging bucket can be recycled after cleaning, and packaging waste may be recycled for reuse.

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