The Lovelay Agency Releases A New Website Design Package To Help Clients Optimize Their Booking Conversion Rates

October 20 22:09 2021
Lovelay has crafted a “done-for-you” design formula for creating websites that are stunning, smart and functional. By incorporating business strategy and funnel building into the system their clients can optimize their visitor conversion rates.

The team over at Lovelay have packaged the new service for coaches, consultants and other service providers who are selling one-on-one services and high-ticket offerings/packages. 

“I saw a need for our clients to have not just beautiful websites, but ones that function as part of their marketing funnel strategy as well,” said Beth Conroy, Lovelay’s owner and digital marketing strategist, “Often web designers forget that copy and design are not the only two elements needed for success. Great offers and functionality must be present as well to best serve a website client.”

Lovelay currently chooses to work selectively with just a hand full of clients a month, creating a boutique experience. However, the Lovelay team has many tips and resources to support businesses with website optimization: 

– A navigation menu should use straight forward language, avoiding clever concepts.

– Eliminate “orphan word” in copy; that one lone word that wraps to end a paragraph.

– Balance spacing between sections.

– Always let the visitor know how to take the next step on each page clearly.

– Make “About” sections fun, use personalized language and venacular.

– Conjugate; website visitors should feel as if they are having a conversation.

“There are many options out there for businesses to whip together their own websites,” Beth continues, “including Squarespace™ the platform I build on, but they truly are cookie cutter solutions, and my clients want to stand out with customized design and functionality. This is where the Lovelay Design Formula comes into play”.

The Lovelay Design Formula has 5 Steps

– It begins with a comprehensive Business Strategy Intensive to review the client’s current offerings and plan out the marketing goals and strategy for the website.

– Then there is a specific Design Planning session where all assets are collected, and expectations are set.

– The website build begins. Up to three revision and feedback sessions are included.

– The website is delivered and launch ready.

– To complete the project there are 2 weeks of support and a customized training and template library delivered to each client.

Every website should take the visitor on a journey.

Lovelay’s custom website builds always have this is mind. The team is certified in offer creation, copywriting and design, and uses this expertise to ensure that each site that is being built as a fully functioning funnel.


For the coach, consultant or service provider who is ready to have their website do some of the heavy lifting for them, Lovelay’s new “done-for-you” packages do just that. The future of great website design is more than just a pretty looking site, it’s a smart site.

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