Raven – Wireless Document Scanners For Businesses

October 12 20:45 2021

Raven helps businesses go paperless with their amazing line of wireless, cloud-connected document scanners and free cloud service!

The Raven line of document scanners, seamlessly convert all documents, receipts and business cards, into searchable, digital files.

And right there from the scanner, directly email, fax or upload the scanned files to cloud storage, no computer required!

This is a new type of technology, and it brings a new kind of convenience and speed to scanning and uploading documents to the cloud.

The company, Raven, was founded in 2017 by Stefan Diasti and Fiyyaz Pirani.

They were concerned by the state of then-current scanner technology, and then decided to take matters into their own hands by bringing their ideas of an ideal modern scanning solution to life.

The Raven line of scanners are designed, developed, and supported in Houston, Texas, and are fully registered and backed by patents in the U.S. Patent Office.

Now, to the features of the scanners.

Raven’s flagship product is the Raven Pro Document Scanner.

The Raven Scanner Pro is a high performance, cloud-connected scanner, scanning an amazing 60 pages per minute!

It is a two-sided duplex scanner, meaning both sides of documents are scanned in a single pass.

The Raven Scanner Pro features a Large 8 Inch LCD Touch Screen – the largest screen of any scanner on the market today.

The large touchscreen allows the user to control every stage of the scanning workflow, without having to switch to a computer at any stage.

This includes scanning, editing and sending to your desired destinations or cloud storage

Its built-in “scan and edit” functionality, allows the user to rotate and crop scanned pages that need to be adjusted, remove any pages that aren’t needed, and add additional pages, even after scanning.

Pages are automatically oriented if scanned upside down, skewed pages are automatically straightened while scanning, and blank pages are detected and automatically removed.

The Raven Scanner Pro comes with Wifi and Ethernet connectivity, allowing the user to scan the documents directly to their email, fax or cloud storage!

Amazing, right?

The Raven Scanner Pro scans and sends the scanned documents directly to the user’s selected destination.

This includes the free unlimited Raven Cloud Storage subscription, which comes with every purchase of the Raven Scanner Pro.

Users can also upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Quickbooks Online, Email, Fax, SMB network share folder or FTP – all without the need for a computer or software installation of any kind!

It also has a USB port, allowing the user to connect the scanner to a laptop and transfer files between the laptop and the scanner, or to scan directly to a USB flash drive.

The Raven Scanner Pro also comes with an AI-Powered OCR (optical character recognition) system.

The AI-Powered OCR (optical character recognition) automatically turns your documents into searchable PDF files, making it easy to find the document you are looking for, regardless of whether it contains printed and handwritten text. The OCR technology also recognizes virtually all languages.

The Raven Scanner Pro is designed with special Anti-Jam Technology.

The Anti-Jam Technology prevents pages from getting stuck as they automatically going through the scanner.

This allows it to work unsupervised, all at the click of a button!

And with the automatic OTA software updates, the scanner can remain updated with the latest software from Raven’s team of engineers, who are always working to add more features to the already amazing list!

Visit Raven at www.raven.com to order the amazing Raven Scanner Pro TODAY!

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