Author, life coach, and motivational speaker Amelia Starr makes waves globally with Facets of A. Starr

October 07 22:30 2021
Amelia Starr, a matriarch making history and leaving a legacy, continues to illuminate the world as she takes readers through a whirlwind of emotions in her award-nominated memoir, “The Many Facets of A Starr: Purifying Truths.”

An inspirational storyteller and published author, Amelia Starr makes headway globally after releasing her award-nominated memoir, “The Many Facets of A Starr: Purifying Truths.”

The book provides guidance on how others can deal with the trials they encounter, which is the determining factor of triumph or tragedy.

Quotes of Amelia: “Your past doesn’t dictate your future.” “Embrace your uniqueness.” “It is not what your name is but what your name means to you.” 

The author, a domestic violence survivor and advocate, teaches readers that life is not what happens to them but how they make life happen for them.

In a review, Y. Mack lauded Amelia for opening up her truths to encourage people to keep on keeping on.

“It’s an amazing read, and confirmed to me that no matter what we go through in life, even our most frightening truths, God Almighty delivers us every time,” wrote Y. Mack. 

On the other hand, another reader, Emery, described the book as a powerful testimony and a great story of rejoice. 

“It is written in such a way that it submerges every bit of readers’ attention and rattles the walls of their emotions. I was held captive, so enthralled by “The Many Facets of A. Star” that I found myself setting aside household responsibilities to complete my reading. I highly recommend this book not only to those seeking self-help but to the world,” Emery wrote in a separate review. 

As a mother of three with an Associate of Arts in Communication, a Bachelor of Science in Business-Healthcare Management, and a diploma in Practical Nursing. Amelia, a podcast host, has enjoyed reading and writing literary works of all genres throughout her life. 

Over twenty years of the writing experience was birthed from the many pathways she has voyaged throughout her life. Though her life has been riddled with uncertainty, rejection, violence, and death, it also has been a series of inconceivable triumphant moments. 

Unapologetically, she lives a fruitful, abundant, and happy life. When not writing, Amelia can be found illuminating the world by serving and advocating for others. Additionally, she enjoys serene walks on the beach, meditation, and cozying up with a good book. 

Those who want to learn more about Amelia, be a guest on her podcast, and purchase her award-nominated memoir may visit her website for more information.

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