Nano Zinc Oxide Can Turn Any Cloth Into An Antibacterial Fabric

August 03 17:02 2021

According to reports, an Israeli company has developed a technology that can turn any cloth into an antibacterial cloth. Technology is advancing, the development of functional and environmentally friendly textiles has become the mainstream of the world’s textile market today. Natural fiber plants are favored by people because of their comfort, but their products are more susceptible to microbial attack than synthetic fiber fabrics. , It is easy to breed bacteria, so the development of natural antibacterial fabrics is of great significance.

Conventional application of nano ZNO zinc oxide:

1. Add 3-5% of nano zinc oxide nano finishing agent to improve the wrinkle resistance of cotton and silk fabrics, and have good washing resistance and high strength and whiteness retention. It is finished by nano zinc oxide. Pure cotton fabric has good UV resistance and antibacterial properties.

2. Chemical fiber textiles: can significantly improve the anti-ultraviolet and antibacterial functions of viscose fiber and synthetic fiber products, and can be used in the production of anti-ultraviolet fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, sunshades and other products

3. Nano zinc oxide is a new type of textile auxiliaries, added to the textile slurry, it is a complete nano-combination, not a simple adsorption, it can play a role in sterilization and sun resistance, and its washing resistance is increased by several times.

By embedding zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles in the fabric, all ready-made textiles can be turned into antibacterial fabrics. Antibacterial fabrics added with nano-zinc oxide can permanently prevent bacteria from growing in natural and synthetic fibers, and can prevent infections in hospitals. Spread, reduce cross-infection between patients and medical staff, and help reduce secondary infections. It can be applied to patients’ pajamas, linens, staff uniforms, blankets and curtains, etc., to make them have the function of killing the bureau, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality, and reducing hospitalization costs.

The potential of antibacterial fabric technology goes far beyond medical applications, but can also be used in a variety of related industries, including airplanes, trains, luxury cars, baby clothing, sportswear, underwear, restaurants, and hotels.

Experiments show that the silk fabric treated with nano-zinc oxide ZNO has a good antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Zinc oxide powders of different particle sizes have antibacterial properties. The smaller the particle size, the higher the antibacterial activity. The particle size of nano zinc oxide supplied by Hongwu Nano is 20-30nm. Zinc oxide and zinc oxide-based nano-cotton fabrics have antibacterial properties under both light and non-light conditions, but the antibacterial properties under light conditions are stronger than under non-light conditions, which proves that the antibacterial effect of nano-oxidizing properties is light. The result of the combined effect of the catalytic antibacterial mechanism and the metal ion dissolution antibacterial mechanism; the antibacterial activity of silver-modified nano-zinc oxide has been enhanced, especially in the absence of light. The zinc oxide-based nano-cotton fabric obtained by the above finishing process has significant bacteriostasis. After washing 12 times, the radius of the bacteriostatic zone still maintains 60%, and the tear strength, wrinkle recovery angle and hand feel are all increased.

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