Marcela Iglesias: The Queen of Hollywood Sparking a New Generation of Women Empowerment and Style

June 29 01:51 2021
Marcela Iglesias: The Queen of Hollywood Sparking a New Generation of Women Empowerment and Style

Hollywood is home to some of the biggest names to appear on marquees and red carpets. Yet there are always individuals that start a new spin that brings a breath of fresh air to the entertainment industry. One such public figure is the influencer and entrepreneur Marcela Iglesias, who also goes by her other nicknames “Human Barbie” and “Queen of Hollywood.”

Marcela is a highly-celebrated and well-known serial entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. She owns and operates the fitness product known as EdgeCross-X, a revolutionary system that helps people build core strength, improve speed and agility, and generally get into better shape. The businesswoman also runs a Plastic Surgery Brand called Plastics of Hollywood. Although Marcela has never gotten plastic surgery in the past, she believes that it’s a vital service that serves people who search for a greater sense of confidence and self-love by helping them achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of no matter how audacious their goals might seem. 

The Queen of Hollywood’s story begins with struggle and hard work. She came to the United States to pursue the American dream and reach more significant levels of success and fame. The road has been far from easy, and she’s seen her share of ups and downs. Yet despite going through the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, loss, and failure, Marcela climbed to the top and established herself as a force to be reckoned with at all fronts. 

More than her businesses, Marcela Iglesias seeks to be a role model for others, especially younger women. She openly shares her stories of tragedy and triumph to inspire others to continue fighting for their dreams no matter how big their obstacles might become. Marcela believes that anyone can achieve if they only believe in themselves wholeheartedly. 

As an advocate for the marginalized and exploited, Marcela also supports many causes, including the welfare of animals and women empowerment. She has used her social media reach to reach over 400,000 people on Instagram and expose them to causes like women equality, anti-animal cruelty campaigns, and even better rights for the members of the LGBTQ community. 

Marcela recently became a rising star in larger circles after appearing on the massive online shows, the last show on Truly channel, My extraordinary family, is about how she supports her son, Rodrigo Iglesias, with a nose job consultation with Dr. Ariel Ourioan. Through the video, she spoke about her deepest beliefs regarding parenting, love, acceptance, and support despite the stigmas that other people put on you for going against the grain. 

Marcela Iglesias has also become a figure in the NFT creation space after her artwork became a hit on Rarible, a platform that sells NFTs. All in all, Marcela believes that the only limit one has to achieve success is the limit one chooses to put on themselves. She knows what it’s like to be at the losing end of a bargain but maintains that you have control over the game when the cards aren’t stacked to your favor.

Beyond being an eccentric character with a unique story to tell that is sure to entertain others, Marcela Iglesias inspires others around her to be the best version of themselves by remaining authentic to who they are. Learn more about the Queen of Hollywood by visiting her website and Instagram account.

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