In Her Recent Video, Nina Ross Talks About Job Postings And How People Have Been Writing It Wrong This Entire Time

June 28 21:51 2021
Nina Ross offers dependable and precise services to all clients. She presents cost-free business education on her YouTube channel relating to HR, Emergency Planning, Business Process Development, Problem Solving/Analysis, and Bookkeeping Problems (QuickBooks Certified). Her recent video discusses the importance of writing a perfect job posting to attract the best candidates.

USA – Employers competing for a large pool of qualified job candidates face stiff competition. Many businesses make the mistake of uploading a generic job description and calling it a job posting. Knowing how to create a job posting can attract qualified candidates like bees to honey. The YouTube channel ‘Business Operations, Management and HR’ recently uploaded a 5-minute video that discusses the process of writing an eye-catching job description.  In this video, Nina Ross explains the difference between internal documents and external documents.  “Using corporate internal documents, like job descriptions, in the wrong manner will attract the wrong job applicants,” she said. In her video, she differentiated between a job description and a job posting. A job description is an internal document that helps employees understand their roles and responsibilities. A job posting, on the other hand, is an external document used to attract applicants for open positions at a company. She mentioned in her video about job postings and how important it is for a job posting to be exciting to attract top-quality candidates.

Creating an attractive job posting requires several steps. It is important to use only the most necessary information from corporate internal documents. In her video, she also advised her viewers to use exciting and intriguing words to describe the available position and the company, while helping the applicant visualize the company’s complete hiring process. Candidates must understand the entire hiring process outlined in the job posting. Job postings are the most common way for businesses to find new employees to fill open positions. Traditionally, job postings were frequently placed in the classifieds section of newspapers. Nowadays, most job postings are published online. This video was made to help business owners ace their job postings after covid. The video can be seen at:

Nina Ross educates and trains leaders in all areas of business operations, business management, and human resource management on her YouTube channel. Nina Ross also provides management training for business operations on her YouTube channel. Her channel can teach beginners a lot about HR, Emergency Planning, Business Process Development, Problem Solving/Analysis, and Bookkeeping Issues. Nina Ross is a professional who explains the importance of creating search-friendly content in her videos. Her channel is chock-full of high-quality videos created specifically for her customers to help their new businesses thrive. In some of her videos she points out the mistakes that new business owners make, that can make their business take a fall. With the help of these videos, people can learn from their mistakes.

She recently shared a video on how to create a good job posting that will attract top candidates. Potential business owners can subscribe to her YouTube page for more such videos:

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