Glare Guard Introduces New Car Visor Extenders that Mimic Effect of World’s Top Polarized Sunglasses Brands

March 01 14:09 2021
In addition to the visor extenders, which improve driver visibility, the company added a line of polarized sunglasses.

Glare Guard announced today the release of a new line of car visor extenders that leverage the same high-quality film used in leading polarized sunglasses brands to reduce sun, snow, and headlight glare, enhance contrast, and improve overall visibility. The visor extenders come in standard and large sizes to fit cars, trucks, campers and tractor trailers. In addition to reducing glare, the visor extenders also block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.

Similar to sunglasses like Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, and Oakley, Glare Guard’s Gray Polarized Car Visor Extender uses polarized film to reduce glare and increase driver comfort and visibility. The effect of Glare Guard visor extenders provide benefits similar to seeing through a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Mark Smith, owner & operator of Wave Polarizer, the company that produces Glare Guard, noted that he got into the car visor niche after previous work for the movie theater industry dried up as theaters transitioned from film to digital. From there, Mark saw an opportunity to use polarized film to make driving safer and Glare Guard products soon followed.

“We take pride in producing a product that greatly increases visibility for drivers, improving both their safety and comfort.” Said Mark. “Our products have had far reaching positive effects, with customers writing in to tell us how helpful the visor extenders are for people who wear glasses, or how much they help on the drive home from work and many other scenarios.”

Glare Guard’s Car Visor Extenders for sun and headlight glare elimination on the road are available in a gray daytime visor extender for sun glare and a yellow night visor extender for headlight glare. The visors are offered in a standard size for cars and SUVs as well as a larger version appropriate for semi trucks, campers & tractor trailers.

To install, the visor extender slides onto the vehicle’s built-in visor and secures with included Velcro straps. Once attached, the driver can adjust the positioning to their preference.

The polarized film used in Glare Guard’s new visor extenders protect drivers from glare caused by light traveling in different directions and hitting a reflective surface. Regular or non-polarized sunglasses and visor extenders enable the driver to see what is in their line of sight with a dark tint, but glare may still be an issue. With polarization, the driver sees with increased contrast and reduced glare because horizontal light waves are filtered out.

Since their launch, Glare Guard extended visors from Wave Polarizer, LLC have received over 1,300 reviews on Amazon with an average five-star rating. Customers have written in to describe how the visors help with a range of situations including glare from desert sun. The visors are also made to serve the needs of glasses wearers who want to avoid having to wear prescription sunglasses while driving.

The new Glare Guard visor extenders are available on Amazon and on the company’s website at In addition to polarized visor extenders for vehicles, the company has also added a line of polarized sunglasses for men and women. 

About Wave Polarizer, LLC

Wave Polarizer, LLC is the company behind the best-selling line of Glare Guard protective driving accessories, including polarized visor extenders to reduce sun and headlight glare. The company also manufactures and sells premium polarized sunglasses at a mid-range price point for both men and women’s styles. Wave Polarizer, LLC and their Glare Guard products are the only line of polarized visors proudly made and assembled in the USA.

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