Talented American entertainers collaborate to create “Vids And Wear”

September 17 14:20 2020
Multifaceted entertainers, Johnson AMR and Kerem Zephaniah, come together to launch a revolutionary TV show to bring West Coast music greats closer to their fans

Johnson AMR, otherwise known as Amiral Johnson has collaborated with Kerem Zephaniah to create an amazing show that seeks to bring legendary entertainers closer to their fans. Titled “Vids And Wear,” the show is a weekly fashion, culture, and music television magazine featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ice T, and DJ King Assassin as well as a line of educating and entertaining programs centered across different issues.

The media and entertainment industries have become inseparable over the years, with both sectors seemingly needing each other to survive. The multi-billion-dollar entertainment market has witnessed a series of evolution in recent times, thanks to the contribution of different stakeholders across the industry. While only a few brands have been able to offer quality entertainment on TV screens, two names originally from the entertainment industry seem to have found the perfect recipe that blends entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion and provide the menu to a TV audience with the creation of “Vids and Wear.”

Johnson AMR is a part of the duo that is looking to literally disrupt the media and entertainment industry. Johnson Amiral is a talented entertainer that has made his mark in the music industry, with his latest album “West Coast Gangsta Funk” delivering new cuts and offering an inspiring hip hop melodic project with an international rapper from Da WestSide Los Angeles (Lynwood). The album has done good numbers in a relatively short while as Amiral treats fans to the best of good music. His works have caught the attention of heavyweights in the industry, recently nominated On The Scm Detroit Hip Hop Rn’B Awards for Best Hip Hop International Artist. He was also on The US Hip Hop Radio Playlist, BET International, MTV USA with His “Step By Step” single that was produced By DJ King Assassin (Compton Los Angeles).

Kerem Zephaniah, singer, songwriter, and model from Houston, Texas is the other half of the creative duo. She is known for her airy, angelic, and sometimes operatic vocals, which are usually laid against an opposite cinematic and sometimes dark instrumental backdrop. Paired with cryptic yet minimalist lyrics, her sound is mysterious and dreamy, with a versatility that makes it difficult to place her in a specific music genre. Her songs range from R&B to Trip Hop, Pop, Trapsoul, Electro, House, with her new EP “Obsession,” which is currently available on CD Baby Store USA doing amazingly well.

In addition to featuring entertainment greats, “Vids And Wear” will also air fashion shows and music charts.

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