How MemoryCherish Invented The Closest Thing To A Time Machine

September 16 01:27 2020
How MemoryCherish Invented The Closest Thing To A Time Machine
Photo Restoration Company explains why they’re in the business of “happy tears”

Decades ago, hit movies like “The Terminator” and “Back to the Future” popularized an idea—a time machine. And while humanity is still waiting for the groundbreaking invention of the actual time machine, MemoryCherish decided to move forward and invented the closest thing to it.

While we can’t have an actual machine that takes us back to the past, we have the next best thing—photo restoration services so exquisitely done that it feels like you’re back in time. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can see it for yourself on their website here.

Memory Cherish is made up of an expert team of photo restoration experts based in Europe. These experts have worked for national museums in the past, restoring artifacts delicately. Now, they bring the same expertise into helping people recover family keepsakes.

“Photographs are able to capture life’s best moments. Just because something isn’t displayed in a museum, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of restoration. Amazing memories get lost in time and are only going to be forgotten just because of ruined quality — something needs to be done about this,” says Jonah, founder of Memory Cherish.

It’s not just about remembering good memories. It’s also about preserving a legacy. MemoryCherish works hard to breathe life back into old photographs so that people can pass them onto future generations — a perfect way for both the past and the future to meet each other.

“If you have old, worn-out or even really damaged, discolored photographs — don’t throw them away, don’t keep them stored away forever, send them to MemoryCherish and let us do our magic.” says Jonah.

To be able to enjoy great memories of the past is priceless.

“But most of all, what really motivates us to do what we do is the happiness it brings to people — we’ve had clients cry tears of joy.”

One memorable picture that they recently worked on was a vintage photograph of a son’s mother who passed away when he was just a baby, and it was his only memento of her. “I could never forget the look on his face when he got his picture back, and her smile was as clear as day,” says Jonah.

Since there’s no way for us to visit the future right now (and probably not for a couple more years), going back to the past may be the next best thing — and thanks to MemoryCherish “booking” a trip to the past has never been easier.

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