Acapulco Royale: Luxury, Handcrafted Shoes that Pay Homage to Latin American Heritage and Fashion Trends

September 15 23:48 2020

Made from vegan tanned leather and with eco-friendly practices, these handcrafted, luxury shoes have a timeless style, making them the perfect addition to any casual or formal outfit.

A timeless look is not only about the pants and shirts; the shoes are crucial. Meet Acapulco Royal, an environmentally-friendly, new range of luxury, handcrafted shoes. A collection that takes inspiration from classic Latin American heritage, blending it with a modern touch. Each shoe is a work of art, entirely handmade, featuring handwoven designs made by local milliners.

Acapulco Royale uses durable, vegan, tanned leather paired with cushioned insoles for maximum comfort. The hand-knitted patterns of the shoes also improve airflow, thereby enhancing foot comfort and health. With EVA rubber, the shoes provide maximum grip for a much-improved walking experience. Through this traditional method, we are helping to reduce the environmental impact as well.

At Acapulco Royale, we want to pay tribute to the hands of “Maestros Zapateros,” who create the stylish and environmentally-friendly shoes, handcrafted in local communities. As a Mexican national, I realized many of our traditions were fading away. I made it my mission to showcase Latin American heritage in the best light by combining culture, craftsmanship, and sustainable materials to preserve Latin-American traditions.” – Emilio Baumgarten, Founder.

When it comes to options, the Acapulco Royale line has plenty to offer to both men and women. There are three different styles for women: the Cosmopolitan, with 100% leather soles, the Caipirinha, with EVA rubber soles, and the Mimosa, with 100% leather soles. There are three different styles to choose for men: the Martini with 100% leather soles, the Gin and Tonic with EVA rubber soles, and the Mojito with EVA rubber soles.

Each shoe is available in different colors, ranging from neutral tones like Midnight Black and Dark Chocolate to Midnight Blue, Red Carpet, and Cognac. Sizes are available based on the EU, US, and UK sizing charts. Each shoe is hand made by local milliners in the Latin American community, allowing you to contribute to their livelihood with every purchase.

For now, the shoe line is available for preorder through Kickstarter. Backers can avail early bird discounts of up to 70% on their purchase. After this, the shoes will be available at retail prices of €295 per pair. Once the crowdfunding campaign is complete, shipping will follow the schedule, as shared by Acapulco Royale on Kickstarter.

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