One Stop Shop Serving The Community

September 15 05:56 2020
One Stop Shop Serving The Community

CEO of Aurora Pro Services, Oscar Lopez
Aurora Pro Services offering expert work for the entire home.

by Jim Kedge

GREENSBORO, NC With many people and companies planning on renovating homes, starting new builds, or breaking ground on additions, it can be difficult to secure professional home services. The best seasons to get work done are often the most challenging times to find someone free and available at the right time.

Efficient renovations require a particular order in which work needs to happen. Homeowners have to operate as project managers, booking workers for specific times, and estimating how long each job will take. Complications often come up during any significant home upgrades. Assignments can last significantly longer, or they can go much quicker than predicted. There is nothing more frustrating during a renovation than having no one working on the job!

Aurora Pro Services promotes itself as a company that can do it all. While many service companies only provide plumbing or electrical services, CEO Oscar Lopez and his crew do it all. “We have the best employees around,” declares Lopez. “When we started expanding our services, everyone was quick to get on board. Our crew is the best team out there.”

When asked about the variety of services they offer, Lopez explains that it all started with their customers’ needs. “We were always getting asked whether we knew a good company that could do other work for our clients,” says Lopez. There are several excellent local companies that Lopez was happy to recommend, but too often, his clients would have to wait a long time to get an estimate or appointment. “I hated not being able to provide immediate help to our customers when they needed it.”

A commitment to the highest level of customer service paired with a compulsion to help others led Lopez to expand what Aurora Pro Services offered. “The bottom line is that we care about our customers,” says Lopez. “It hurts us when we can’t help them with their concerns, and it was the value of next-level customer care that inspired us to do more.”

Not only does Aurora Pro Services offer the best in home air solutions, but they also provide plumbing, electrical, roofing, remodeling, and contractor services. Lopez and his team have vast experience with various residential and commercial projects, from repairs and maintenance to installation and renovation.

“We want to be the one-stop-shop for housing and business needs in the area,” says Lopez. Aurora Pro Services has gone a long way to making that happen by doing more than most other companies. “If I can save our customers time and stress by providing them with each of the services they need, I know that our company has done its job.”

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