Brian J. Olds, founder of Black Speakers Network is featured on the cover of SPEAKERS Magazine ahead of the 1st BSN Global Speakers Virtual Summit

September 12 07:57 2020
Black Speakers Professionals is excited to announce a 3-day action-packed virtual summit beginning on October 9th, which will help black professionals to upgrade their speaking skills!

Baltimore, Maryland, USA – Black‌ ‌Speakers‌ ‌Network‌ ‌(BSN)‌‌ ‌is a global membership-based speaker development and empowerment community for emerging orators who have their sights set on absolute industry success. This fraternity is founded by Brian J. Olds with a vision to help black motivational speakers to take their ventures to new heights. Recently, Brian Olds has been featured on the cover of ‘Speakers’ Magazine’s special BSN Takeover Double-Issue. The issue also features over 25 inspiring Black Professional Speakers from the BSN Community.

The management at Black Speakers Network takes pride in its founder and team being featured in this award-winning magazine. Speakers magazine is a publication that showcases African American speakers and shares secrets and tips on what the megastars in the speaking industry have done and are doing to live their dreams.

Brian J. Olds is highly dedicated to his brainchild Black Speakers Network and keeps on evolving it by connecting to thousands of speakers across the globe. While recounting his earlier days Brian Olds said: “Born an introvert, I never thought I would one day stand in front of hundreds of people and confidently deliver speeches. Yet, in 2006, I stood up in a small classroom on the campus of Morgan State University to deliver my 1st presentation in Toastmasters. I WAS AFRAID. My sweaty palms trembled as I clenched my notes like a security blanket. I did not want to speak. Fast forward today, as the President and Founder of Black Speakers Network we are on a mission to equip, connect, and inspire the next generation of Black Professional Speakers. I have come to realize with professional speaking and in life, it doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters where you are going.”

Currently, Black Speakers Network comprises over 10,000 professionals and thought leaders from nearly every industry sector whose collective voices are reshaping this world. In line with its commitment to help aspiring speakers and to promote diversity, BSN is excited to host its inaugural virtual summit curated for professionals across all industries who want to reach the top of their speaking game and score major wins by tapping into expert secrets for unrivaled profitability.

The summit is scheduled to take place virtually from October 9th to October 11th and will feature 21 BSN Speakers from 7 expert areas. The participants will be able to learn key strategies for increasing their visibility and mastering their message to attract and serve their ideal audience. They will also learn strategies to monetize their message and discover their path individual “Path to Profit”.

About the Company:

Black‌ ‌Speakers‌ ‌Network‌ ‌(BSN)‌‌ ‌is a global membership-based speaker development and empowerment community for emerging orators who have their sights set on absolute industry success.

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