The most valuable public chain project in 2020 – Superstringchain

March 10 01:33 2020


The public chain is the underlying foundation of Blockchain technology. It is like the foundation of a house. Without it, the grand palace is also an attic. Compared to investing in ERC20 tokens that can be issued within a few minutes based on ETH, investing in the public chain will have a better chance of obtaining excess returns. At present on the public chain of the blockchain exchange, ETH has increased by more than 1500 times, EOS has also increased by 100 times, NEO has also increased by more than 300 times … You can see that the return of the public chain is hundreds of thousands Times, they have developed a large premium so far, so if you want a high return on investment, looking for a fresh and high-quality public chain is the long-term reliable choice.

Superstringchain referred to as SSC for a total of 21 million coins, one block every 2.5 minutes, one block has 10 coins, and the transfer transaction only requires 6 block confirmations, which is efficient and convenient. After 2 years, the SSC will be halved. After the block reward is halved, the master node reward will be halved with the block reward. SSC is a public blockchain platform with high throughput. It is an encrypted digital asset that completely protects transaction privacy using zero-knowledge cryptography.

Compared to Dash, Monero, and Zcash, SSC is indeed the preferred solution for current anonymous transactions. We also deeply feel that compared with other encrypted digital assets, the anonymous implementation of the superstring chain has a lot of advantages, and it is objective in terms of scalability, auditability, anonymity settings and usability.


Analysis of project investment value

1. From the perspective of product advantages, SSC uses the Proof-of-Work Mechanism (POW) to adopt the lyra2z330 algorithm, which is more secure and fairer. It is suitable for CPU mining and can resist GPU, FPGA, and ASIC miners, preventing 51% Hacking to ensure that cryptocurrency circulation algorithms are more secure.

2. From the perspective of time, now is the best time to officially invest in the SSC public chain. The SSC public chain is at the beginning of the project and its popularity is not high. At the same time, it will be released on 3 well-known exchanges in the near future. At this time, investing in SSC is like an angel round of financing. And BTC, ETH, EOS have already passed the initial stage of the project, the price has also risen to a certain height, the investment value is limited and not stable enough.

3. From the perspective of SSC ecology

The superstring chain ecological platform closely connects “blockchain + asset privacy anonymity + mining” in a new way, forming an unprecedented application ecosystem in the digital world. Blockchain, asset privacy and anonymity, and mining have each formed a horizontally expanding open ecosystem. The ecological chain and the ecological circle are intertwined with each other to form a matrix structure, which together form a complete and open loop ecosystem of the superstring chain.

4, From the perspective of the market environment, there are still confusions in the block chain and there are many scams. 99% of people don’t know what blockchain is, 99% of blockchain companies don’t understand blockchain at all, and 99% of blockchain projects are crooks. In this case, the SSC public chain, a public chain team with strong technical support, is undoubtedly the best choice.

From the perspective of market demand, SSC uses a high-performance zero-knowledge proof protocol (Sigma) to protect the privacy of its accounts. By using zero-knowledge proof, it ensures that the relevant address information of both parties to the transaction is not leaked. The Sigma Anonymous Protocol represents a very important innovation in blockchain anonymity because it combines the high anonymity of a zero-knowledge proof scheme without many related disadvantages. SSC uses the wallet Sigma protocol to generate SSC in the furnace and then convert SSC that cannot be tracked.

From a mechanism perspective, SSC has double benefits. The first benefit is the value gain brought by the modest rise in the price of SSC. The natural anonymity and immutability of SCC and other characteristics make the value of SSC stable. The second benefit, becoming the SSC master node will get several SSC as a reward, it is an excellent alternative to mining. The master node only needs a 5000 SSC refundable guarantee. Each block is rewarded to the node, and a block is distributed to the master node at a rate of 50%.


With more and more users and funds flowing into the SSC public chain, the total computing power of the entire network will also increase, resulting in deflation as the mining revenue gradually decreases. If you ask how can you get the most benefits in SSC? That can only be a matter of time and money, investing earlier. In investing, choice must be more important than hard work. Choosing a good investment direction, making money is as easy as breathing

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