Moe Zinkerbell Is Among One of Youtube’s Fastest Growing Prank Channels

January 15 17:26 2020

Youtube is the major platform for entertaining video content. The sheer popularity of the website has made it a very competitive contest to become famous. However, sometimes, an entertainer succeeds in getting ahead of there and entering the center stage. Mohamed Abdelrahim Zahrieh, more commonly known as his internet alias, Moe Zinkerbell, is one such comedian and Youtube personality. He is a Palestinian-American producer, director, actor, and comedian which produces entertainment-based video content.

Moe Zinkerbell is among the leading and fastest-growing pranking channels on Youtube. Pranking is a phenomenon that has taken over Youtube. It involves purposely setting up outlandish and hyperbolic scenarios and seeing how unsuspecting people deal with them. Despite the massive volume of such videos on the platform, Moe Zinkerbell has managed to distinguish his own quite well.

The channel has garnered quite a lot of acclaim and has a fan-following over 85,000 subcribers. Many of Moe Zinkerbell’s videos have gotten millions of views. The channel had become very quickly one of the top pranking video-channels on the entire platform. This rise to fame is something that Mohamed Abdelrahim Zahrieh did not anticipate. However, he states that it is something that he is more than happy to achieve. Focusing on the creation of even better comedic and prank videos, he hopes to continue entertaining his audience and viewers.

Fans of his channel have most notably responded to the comedic absurdity of his videos. They enjoy the various scenarios and circumstances he comes up with for his pranks and hopes to see more content of that nature. As a result of this, Moe Zinkerbell is on the fast track towards becoming one of the most reputable pranking channels on Youtube.

About Moe Zinkerbell:

Moe Zinkerbell is a Youtube channel that is run by Mohamed Abdelrahim Zahrieh. Mohamed is a 26-year-old Palestinian-American Internet personality, producer, director, actor, comedian, and a prankster on YouTube. He is one of 8 siblings and still resides in New York City. Having studied at the John Dewey High School, producing entertaining video content was always one of his passions.  With Youtube’s supremacy over the video market, he decided to give it a try and was surprised to see the positivity and acclaim he received. Many of his videos have garnered millions of views. He plans to continue delivering the same quality and entertainment that his fans expect from him.

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