Artisan Ice Cream And Gelati Manufacturer Recounts Experience With Global Pumps

January 15 19:30 2020
Peter Cox from artisan ice cream and gelati manufacturer Gelista, explains how Global Pumps solved his challenge with a Verderflex Rapide tube pump.

Global Pumps and Sean Bunyon are pleased to announce that ice cream and gelati manufacturing company, Gelista’s experience has been published in the ‘Case Studies’ section of the website. Peter Cox of Gelasta, explained that creating the perfect berry ripple in his product was a challenge. Prior attempts were unable to obtain a perfect consistency for the ripple effect. Originally the process was carried out by hand, but this still resulted in different consistencies and quantities being delivered to each food container.

It was clear to Peter Cox and Gelista that creating ripple ingredients in their ice cream by hand was too time consuming and imprecise. This was particularly true because the demand for Gelista’s products was significantly increasing, and so better and faster production techniques were necessary to meet this demand. Furthermore, many of Gelista’s chosen ingredients included small seeds that had to remain intact during production.

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The first stage of the solution was realising that a pump could help deliver the exact consistency and volume required for the rippling process. This was only half of the problem; which pump type and brand to choose presented its issues. The installation of a Verderflex Rapide tube pump allowed an artisan ice cream manufacturer to control ingredient consistency with precision while significantly reducing downtime.

Gelista settled on a Verderflex peristaltic pump setup because this would allow the company’s food preparation staff to control the rate of flow of ingredients. Because Gelista is an artisan ice cream and gelati company, the ability to perfectly control the volume and speed at which ingredients are delivered, allows them to create premium food items to their exact requirements. Any incorporated equipment had to facilitate this precision, and that is why they needed a pump supplier who is an expert in pump technology. The Rapide Series of pumps includes a compact design, is simple to operate, and it requires no tools during any tube changes.

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