Anoque Launches Australia’s First Palm Oil Free Men’s Skincare Range

January 15 17:51 2020
Anoque Launches Australia’s First Palm Oil Free Men’s Skincare Range
Australian-based Anoque Australia’s first palm oil free men’s skincare product line focused on helping men put their best face forward by using sustainable plant based ingredients. The company provides the research, trials, and testing of the world’s finest natural ingredients, formulating PH balanced skincare suitable for all skin types and ages.

With over two years in research and development, Anoque is pleased to announce the launch of their men’s skincare line of products. The men’s natural skincare company is breaking down the barriers for men who take care of their skin, to start the conversation of the importance and show them how have more confidence, and take care of themselves now, for the future. The brand has achieved this by trialling, testing and listening to their customer’s needs and wants to deliver their best range yet of PH balanced skincare suitable for all skin types. 

All of Anoque’s products are scientifically formulated with the highest grade plant-based ingredients backed by years of research, development, and testing. The man behind the brand is Chris Baradel.

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In a recent interview, Chris explained, “Like many teenage men, I had bad skin. I was self-conscious about it. I used to spend hours in the mirror squeezing pimples every night on top of the constant battle of dry, itchy skin from the harsh chemicals in traditional skincare products. When I took a deep dive into the ingredients and the long term side effects, I scared myself and wondered how are these ingredients, in the products, I am putting on my face…”

“I decided to give up on all the random brands and dive headfirst into creating the best skincare products for men. I wanted to create skincare that was effective at reducing blackheads, acne, clearing blemishes, but also healthy for the longevity of my skin and wouldn’t strip away all the natural oils…”

“My criteria,” he continued, “I wanted plant-based active ingredients that don’t strip away all the natural oils, effectively reduces blackheads, acne, and blemishes all while supplementing the skin with essential vitamins and omegas to reduce the signs of aging, and of course, palm oil free.”

Today, although far from being the perfect skincare routine, we have come leaps and bounds further than where we were. Every batch we manufacture is better than the last, and every bit of customer feedback is taken on board. Tomorrow will be better, and so will we.”

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