Grass Straws – Nature’s Way to Fight Plastic

January 14 18:33 2020

Stuttgart (Germany) / Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) – The young start-up “La Couleur Monochrome”, in the background of which are Stanislav Poliakof (31) and Vivien Lok (22) from Baden-Württemberg, has set itself the task of to solve the problem caused by the use of plastic straws.

The company offers a green alternative – drinking straws made of grass. Specifically, from the Lepironia Articulata, which grows wild in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. The “cỏ bàng” is a straw designed by nature. Hollow inside with a diameter of approx. 5mm, the straw made of grass offers a better drinking experience than plastic, PLA, paper, wheat or macaroni, with offering two variations – fresh and dried straws.

The alternatives to disposable drinking straws made of plastic, such as paper and bioplastic, also have a much higher CO2 consumption during production compared to carbon-neutral growing straws made from grass. Bioplastics take months to decompose – just like paper straws, which usually have a coating of paraffin, an oil-based wax, so that they soften less quickly. Straws made of grass, on the other hand, are completely decomposed after 15 days.

La Couleur Monochrome offers the best solution for single use. The drinking straws made of grass are cheap with a target price of € 3.49 ( USD 4.99) / 100 pieces, look great, do not soften and are tasteless. Fresh straws can be kept in the refrigerator for 6 weeks, while the dried version can be stored at room temperature for at least 1 year without any loss in quality.

The company run by Poliakof and Lok is currently in its first round of financing at the crowdfounding platform Kickstarter. The project can be found under the following link:

If the project is financed through crowdfunding, the straws made of grass will soon be found in bars, restaurants and on the supermarket shelf.

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