Rule of Fun announces the launching Of Multi-functional tool (Makross)

October 04 18:42 2019

Rule Of Fun, an innovative software company has launched Makross. Makross is the fastest Windows user interface tool designed to give users instant access to all files, folders, programs, weblinks, and configurable shortcut keys for all programs and games. Makross is an innovation designed to speed up productivity with just a click! Multitask to save time. Easy to use, always at hand but never in the way!

Rule of Fun: Simon Keating is an experienced games developer. Throughout his years of using many Windows tools, he pondered how much time is wasted by searching for files, programs and having to remember shortcuts for every different application. Although, it may only be half an hour a day but when you accumulate that over weeks and months, its a lot of time wasted. So, why not save that precious time using a tool? That’s where the idea of Makross came in!

Rule of Fun wants everything you need to be in one place with their easy drag and drop productivity tool!

Rule of Fun’s Makross has incredible features including: Readily accessable shortcuts to files, folders and your favorite websites in a click, assignable shortcut keys /Hotkeys to Makross buttons for all your favorite programs and games, create and export your own hotkey sets for other users easily, Steam workshop integration, creation of macro sequences accessible on a single button that perform a series of inputs in games and applications and much more.

The goal is to streamline and accelerate your windows productivity.

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