Cancer Misdiagnosis: The Silent Killer Affecting Thousands Worldwide

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Cancer Misdiagnosis: The Silent Killer Affecting Thousands Worldwide

August 21
00:15 2019
Cancer Misdiagnosis: The Silent Killer Affecting Thousands Worldwide
Cancer misdiagnosis is fast becoming an issue of epic proportions with approximately 10-20% of all cases of cancer being either misdiagnosed, diagnosed late, or not diagnosed at all, and the suffering which goes along with this is huge, with tens if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide affected.

Two high profile cases of cancer misdiagnosis have been in the news of late, one being in the case of a young child who was diagnosed with a sprained ankle, and the other being a woman who was falsely diagnosed with negative breast cancer, which later turned out to be inaccurate and false.

The above examples illustrate perfectly the two main different types of cancer misdiagnosis which is one of the more common forms of medical negligence which is costing the NHS millions per day in compensation, with more and more people falling victim to medical malpractice.

All different types of cancer, from skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and many others have all been misdiagnosed at one time or the other, it is a particularly difficult disease for doctors to accurately diagnose due to the heavy analysis and precise way the work must be carried out by experts who are in short supply.

Late diagnosis of the illness has led to both severe illness and in many cases death, with their not being enough time for treatment once the illness was first discovered, for cases like there is significant compensation available for the public who have suffered.

Average compensation scales can be anywhere in the range of £12,900-£200,000 or more, with people claiming for various forms of medical negligence and receiving significant amounts of compensation.

The amount of time these claims take to pay out is generally long in comparison to standard road traffic accidents, with many claims going on longer than 18 months however the awards on the claims are large in comparison to other types of claim with payouts reaching a much higher scale, in one recent example an award of £200,000 was paid out to a recent sufferer..

It is thought that the reasons that cancer misdiagnosis is so prolific is partly due to the volume of individuals receiving cancer screening but also but also the complexity of cancer cases, it takes extensive screening to correctly diagnose cancer which involves assessment of DNA samples and detection of proteins naturally produced as a response to cancer.

There has also been cases where cancer has been diagnosed with no cancer present, which has caused an enormous amount of stress and personal anguish to the patient for which compensation can be due for the personal emotional harm caused to the recipient.

If you or anyone you know has suffered as a result of cancer misdiagnosis and you suspect you or they may be due compensation, there are solicitors out there to help you on a no-win-no-fee basis, one recommended compensation claims company is

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