How Cycling Dynamics is Helping Bikers Tackle Even More of the Natural Landscape

August 20 17:24 2019

Biking is one of the most enduring outdoor pursuits for adrenaline junkies, with its appeal lying in the mix of hair-raising mountain trails that scale incredible heights and traverse unforgiving landscapes, and the refreshing, back-to-nature vibe of exploring the wilderness in some of its most primitive and unspoiled settings.

Technological advancements have served only to strengthen the appeal of this pastime. Mountain bikes, trail bikes, fat bikes – most models have seen the benefit of increasingly sophisticated manufacturing, which has produced more durable frames, powerful tires that can withstand unwieldy terrain, and muscular braking systems that allow the rider complete control over the bike. Clever use of cycling dynamics has also brought an extra edge to biking, making riders and their bikes capable of greater speed and manoeuvrability.

It is a scientific approach that is employed by RSD Bikes, a company that scopes, builds and sends out a niche collection of fat and mountain bikes to cycling enthusiasts around the world. The company is run by self-proclaimed biking fanatics, who have channelled their love of customizing bikes into a full-time business – pursuing a near-endless quest for a bike that can go that bit faster and handle even harder routes.

“As bike obsessives ourselves, we know what cycling enthusiasts want from their riding experience,” says a spokesperson for the company. “That is a mixture of style and performance – a bike that can handle whatever landscapes and climates thrown at it, while also looking really vibrant, sleek and colourful at the same time.”

The RSD Bikes online shop features their latest models, which are the product of numerous customizations and upgrades that have been made to older models. Chief among them is the Middlechild Chromoly, which features head tube and seat tube angles that enable riders to tackle steep climbs and plungingdescents; it also comes in a choice of colours from yellow, matte black and turquoise. The Middlechild Titanium is a customized version of the Middlechild Chromoly, which replaces the steel frame with a titanium version – making it 2lb lighter in the process.

The Sergeant V3 Aluminum is a smaller and lighter model compared to the all-powerful fat bikesand is well-suited to riders who aren’t planning to navigate heavy-duty landscapes. The Sergeant V2 Titanium is a similar model that is equipped for lighter trails but features extra traction in its tires thanks to a higher volume and custom titanium tubing.

RSD Bikes also produce their most robust models, the fat bikes, for cycling fans who need their bike to be able to handle the worst that even the coldest seasons can throw at them. RSD’s fat bike the Mayor V4 Aluminum has recently been upgraded with new head and seat tube angles, and bigger rims and tires, which have added a versatility to the bike that makes it suitable beyond just the most extreme weather conditions. The Mayor V4 Titaniumadds a titanium frame to this model.

Finally, RSD Bikes also offer the more nimbleWildcat Aluminium, which like its animal namesake can boast a powerful grip that makes it useful in steep, winding trails. It is the newest addition to the RSD Bikes collection and comes in a range of sizes, from small to extra large.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes has operated since 2012 and is based on Toronto, Ontario. They also outsource the manufacture of their steel and titanium frames to an industry-leading plant in Taiwan. With shipping available beyond Canada and the US, RSD Bikes can provide partly-assembled bikes and separate bike parts to keen riders around the world.

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